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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Children of the Lamp

Title: Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventure
Author: P. B. Kerr
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 355
Rating: @@@@@
Price: $3 (paperback, a real bargain)

Summary: Everyone has heard of genies in the lamp, but this is a whole different view. There are good djinn and bad djinn, influencing luck around the world. Two young djinn, twin brother and sister, are planning to go to “camp” until their uncle appears to them in a dream, and tells them about their heritage.

Opinion: It wasn’t a particularly spectacular book, but it had interesting lore about Egypt that I enjoyed. Overall, a fun and simple read, perfect for lounging at the beach or reading to little kids. The very low price makes it a steal, and you’re not spending so much on a “kids’ book.”


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