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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sign of the Qin

Title: Outlaws of Moonshadow Marsh: Sign of the Qin
Author: L. G. Bass
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Rating: @@@@@
Pages: 383
Price: $17 (about)

Summary: In this action-movie-like tale, Starlord Zong has been born with the Sign of the Qin (pronounced “chin”), an outlaw band. With the help of his Guardian Monkey (a master thief who’s on his one hundredth life), White Streak (leader of the Qin), and Jade Mirror and Silver Lotus (his kick-butt outlaw maid and his harp-playing, dart-shooting mother), he must overthrow not only the mortal king, but also Yamu, King of the Dead.

Opinion: Another Zodiac-related book. The most confusing part were the Zodiac scrolls, and their meaning. The rest of the book was excellently written, with loads of detailed visuals. It’s slightly out of my style, but it’s good anyway. I love that there are girls out there, fighting with all the others. There’s few girl goddesses, though.


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