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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Wee Free Men

Title: The Wee Free Men
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 272
Rating: @@@@@
Price: $16 (Hardcover)

Summary: Tiffany Aching, a girl from the Chalk, has been thrust into adventures far…smaller…than the normal kid could handle. With the six-inch-high Nac Mac Feegle (Wee Free Men), she must battle an ice queen to find her snot-nosed brother. Meanwhile, she learns what it means to be herself: Witch of the Chalk.

Opinion: I began reading this for the “Books for the Beast” program – I continued it for the wonderful humor, themes, and the fighting blue midgets. The recurring ideas of ‘Who am I?’, ‘What am I?’ in Terry Pratchett’s books are exactly what teens need and what parents should freshen up on.
Plus, there’s no cursing by the Wee Free Men at all. Really. Those random words they say when they get angry that no one understands, that’s not cursing. Obviously.


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